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CITIBET: Malaysia Popular Horse Racing Agent

Over the past few years, sports betting has become very common in Malaysia. Be it any kind of race or sports, people have become so interested in betting.

As one of the leading sportsbooks in the world, CITIBET Malaysia has made sports betting convenient in Malaysia.

At any given point when there is a match or any kind of sport, you always find yourself wanting to cheer up.

In addition to that, you may even decide to go the extra mile by placing your bet on your favourite race or sport just to feel the thrill.

This is the same thing that happens with horse racing. You want to support your favourite horse and the only way to do this is to place your bet on it.

CITIBET gives you the most amazing view that allows you to enjoy this race. In addition to that, this platform also provides you with outstanding results.

If this platform is new to you then there are certain things that you need to know about it, and they include the following.

CITIBET Login and Registration

You may be interested in betting on your favourite horse, but you do not know how to do that. Placing your bet with CITIBET requires you to know how the platform works. First of all, you have to know how to create an account on CITIBET Malaysia website and log in to CITIBET.

The steps below will help you to successfully create a CITIBET account and with ease.

  1. First and foremost, you have to access CITIBET’s official website. You will then find a link or a button that will lead you to the sign-up page.
  2. Click on the link provided. The link will lead to a sign-up page.
  3. On the sign-up page, you will be asked to fill in some of your personal details such as your first name, date of birth, email address and mobile phone number among other details. Ensure that you fill in all of these details correctly.
  4. When done, you will see the terms and conditions agreement at the end of the page. Ensure that you go through it before agreeing to it. Once done, accept the agreement button.
  5. Click finish.

Following the above steps will help you to successfully create a CITIBET account and CITIBET login.

After the account is opened, you can now deposit money into it. This gives you unlimited access to not only betting on horse racing in Malaysia but also to have access to watching the live streams of those races.

Benefits of Using CITIBET

As discussed earlier, betting has become a very normal act in recent years, particularly in football betting. This has led to the formation of different betting platforms. However, many people are looking for the most secure and trusted online betting site, and the good news is that CITIBET is your best bet.

You may probably be asking yourself why you should trust this platform. Well, CITIBET has earned immense recognition because of how secure it is for all users. Some of the other benefits that you may expect to achieve from using this Malaysia sports betting platform include the following;

Safe and secure betting environment

Safety is the first factor that you should look into when betting. How safe are your details, deposit, and transactions that you conduct on this account? Can anyone have access to your account? What are some of the security measures that this platform has put in place to reduce fraud and other malicious acts?

The above are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself to determine the security of any online betting platform. As the official CITIBET partner in Malaysia, BETRON8 allows its players to place bets freely and confidently without putting any limits. The platform also offers a safe environment for all its players.

Access to live casino

This is another benefit that you should expect when using CITIBET as your online betting platform. CITIBET is the biggest online betting platform with the best features. Live casino is the best feature of CITIBET that makes it the most preferred online betting in Malaysia among the tons of other betting platforms that are available.

Since players can have access to tables with live casino players, then the whole experience becomes real, regardless of where you are seated. Also, you will have the best gaming experience on this platform.

Has the best odds at winning

An online betting platform with the best odds at winning is what attracts players in the first place. CITIBET does exactly that. Usually, this platform offers its players different options to choose the best odd that matches their investment. In addition to that, you can also place live bets, since there are instant updates on an ongoing match.

Has different slot games

The existence of a variety of slot games gives you the privilege of choosing an exclusive, interactive slot that promises generous pay. Consequently, if you are looking for an online platform where you can bet all your money and be guaranteed 100% transparency then this is the best platform for you.

Therefore, placing your bet through CITIBET will grant you all of the above benefits. This is a well-known platform that allows you to watch all the races available live, and also offers an option to replay them at any given time. If you want to watch a live race or are interested in Malaysia betting then CITIBET is the best platform for you.

CITIBET Betting Guide

In most betting, especially horse racing betting, one tends to have excitement when participating in this game. If you are serious about horse racing or CITIBET football betting, then this Malaysia sportsbook can be very profitable to you.

Despite that, many people still believe that horse racing is a very complicated and difficult sport to play. The good thing about placing your bet on CITIBET is that there are different types of betting and different levels that players can join.

These levels are all simple and easy to understand. The only difference that exists is that horse racing is different from country to country especially if you are depending on online bookmakers.

Before placing any bet, it is important that you know the amount that you can be placed and what each odd means. In addition to that, it is also important to understand the difference between fixed and common betting, and how to bet on each.

Consequently, there are different types of bets and odds in horse racing. The most common and simplest way of betting in horse races is placing your bet on the horse that will win. If the horse that you place your bet on wins the race, then you will also win and receive your money, and if it loses then you will also lose your money.

Other ways of betting

There are also other ways that you can use when placing your bet on your favourite horse. Some of the other ways that you can use to bet include:

  • Betting on the horse that is going to the top.
  • Betting on the horse that will be in a certain position.
  • Betting based on the results of the many races in a competition.

All of the above different ways of betting can be done online on different reputable websites. This is why CITIBET is the best online betting platform that you can use to place your bet on your favourite horse.

Tips to win a horse racing Bet

You may be worried if you will make a profit or lose your money through horse race betting. The main reason why you are placing your bet on the horse in the first place is to win. No one ever wants to lose their bets.

There are some people who place small bets just to entertain themselves so that if they lose, they won’t feel the pinch. On the other hand, there are people who take this seriously and will do anything within their power to make an income out of betting. However, ensure that you gamble responsibly that you can still secure your financial status. With the below tips, you can take your horse betting skills to the next level and enjoy every bit of it.

Do Research

Many people tend to bet without doing thorough research. Conducting research makes you familiarize yourself with what you are getting into, and you become more prepared for any outcome. If you do your homework well before placing your bet then you are guaranteed of winning. Get a racing form before you place your bet on any horse. This will help you to know about the race and the horses that are competing.

Check and make different kinds of bets

You are most likely to go with the ‘win bet’, which is where you place your bet on the horse, that you think will win the race. This is what many people will go for. However, this ties you to only one bet and if it goes wrong, you lose your money.

There are different bets that are available besides the win bet. If you want to take your betting skills to the next level then you should master how to incorporate those other types of bets and use them strategically. The different types of bets that you can place include the following;

  • Place, show and cross the bets.
  • Multiple horse bets.
  • Multiple race bets.

Shop the Odds

This is a very simple way of increasing the money that you will get and is applicable to all bets. The first option is to select the horse or the horses that you want to place your bet on. Then make a selection on the type of bet that you want to place. It is only after doing this that you can begin to shop for the odds. After you have checked out the odds for a specific bet, then you can go with the option that gives you the highest chances of winning.

Place your bet on multiple races but not all races

This is also another method that you can use to win in your horse race betting . It is basically a game of probability. The more times you place a bet, the more you are increasing your chances of winning. This makes you be a smarter gambler as compared to other gamblers who only place their bet on one horse race.

All of the above are some important tips that you should incorporate when betting to receive maximum earnings. Not only do these methods help increase your winnings, but they also make you become a better gambler.


The Frequently Asked Questions and answers (FAQs) section is a very important section. This is mainly because it helps in knowing some of the questions and concerns that other gamblers have regarding horse racing bets. Some of the frequently asked questions and answers include the following;

Q1. How do I join CITIBET?

  • On the official CITIBET website, there is an option for “signing up”.
  • Click sign up.
  • Fill in all your details.
  • Check the terms and conditions and click accept.
  • Then click finish.

Q2. How do I deposit money to my CITIBET account?

  • Login to your CITIBET account.
  • Select “my account”.
  • Click on ‘deposit’.
  • Choose the gaming website that you want to deposit your money to.
  • Choose the most preferred bank that you want to deposit with.
  • Choose the bank-in method that you prefer the most.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Enter your details if required.
  • Then click ‘submit’.

Q3. How do I withdraw my winnings?

  • Log in to your account.
  • Check and click the ‘withdraw’ option.
  • Choose the place you would like to withdraw from.
  • Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw.
  • Click ‘submit’.

In summary, betting has become a common trend in the last couple of years. This has resulted in many people engaging in this for the win. You want to make extra money by placing your bet or playing casino games . In CITIBET horse racing, there are tips that will help increase your chances of winnings such as betting on multiple races and placing different kinds of bets.

Therefore, with the above information, you can know what you are getting into before you start betting in CITIBET, and how to increase your winnings.